The Hockley Shadow Collection comprises of a selection of key pieces to transform your look, bringing the fur wraps and accessories in your wardrobe firmly up to date.

The Agloo shoulder wrap is a must-have accessory for the modern, stylish woman. It’s available in a variety of beautiful colours and textures, including beautiful light silver beige feathered raccoon fur, golden grey raccoon, and various fox colours. Teamed with the matching silver beige Icarus raccoon earmuffs, this style can be playful and fun, and perfect for keeping you warm.

For a striking look, why not wear a mini dress with the eye-catching Mensa long legwarmers? In emerald, sapphire, amber or black knitted fox fur, these wonderful legwarmers are most definitely not for the shrinking violets of the season. Fur wraps and scarves like the Chase fox cowl neck scarf and the sumptuously long Auriga scarf are perfect for adding a touch of glamour and luxury to occasion-wear as well as for everyday effortless style.