• Rana Reversible Coat

    Rana Reversible Coat

  • Delphinus Coat

    Delphinus Coat

  • Andromeda Coat

    Andromeda Coat

  • Aquarius Coat

    Aquarius Coat

  • Arrakis Reversible Coat

  • Avior Long Mink Parka

    Avior Long Mink Parka

  • Avior Long Parka

  • Electra Coat

    Electra Coat

  • Polaris Coat

    Polaris Coat

  • Rasala Coat

  • Hercules Coat

    Hercules Coat


Sometimes a beautiful real fur coat is what you must have to complete your individual look. In the Hockley Shadow Collection you will find coats to suit all tastes, from the ultra-modern to sumptuous elegance to edgy, urban, everyday wear.

The silky, textured effect created by layering silver ash mink with fox on jersey makes the Hercules coat far more than just a simple fox fur coat. The combination of emerald fox and black kidskin with the Electra coat provides a shimmering spectacle of soft, tactile fur.

The Rasala dusty blue punched rabbit fur coat covers a layer of soft grey knitwear for a modern, layered effect, and can be worn with matching legwarmers for ultimate comfort and warmth.

For understated, everyday elegance, the Avior long parka combines a simple and tasteful grey long wool classic parka design with the cosiness and comfort of a squirrel fur lining and fox trim on the hood. For more serious glamour, this gorgeous real fur parka is also available in black super sheared mink. Edgy or understated, glamorous or subtle, the Hockley Shadow collection represents the very best in modern fur design.