Fur lovers will adore the timeless elegance afforded by luxurious real fur trapper hats.  Why not wear one with one of our modern, stylish fur wraps for super soft winter warmth?

There’s no need to shiver with Hockley’s real fur gilets - the gorgeous yet practical Nash rabbit fur lined raincoat with fox fur trim, and the ingenious reversible wool coat, gilet or jacket. The unique styling means that the Racoon fur can be worn inside with the wool outside if you choose, fastened with an edgy modern leather belt.

Modern design meets luxury fur in the beautiful and indispensible padded jacket or coat with detachable Racoon collar. And as for staying warm when you’re not out in the freezing cold, the Mira knitted chinchilla and fox bolero with sequins is an absolute winner.

Fur accessories are a must in very cold weather, and look wonderful too. On the accessories pages you will find fur wraps to turn heads, such as the effortlessly stylish fox scarf with leather belt, and real fur trapper hats in fox or raccoon are wonderful for keeping you warm when the temperature outside plummets.