Real Fur Shoulder Wraps

A real fur shoulder wrap is an ideal way to accent an outfit, perfect to add glamour to a relaxed casual look or as a chic cover up for an evening gown.

Hockley’s real beaver or fox fur wraps are available in a variety of colours, including statement neons like the Agloo Pink Beaver Shoulder Wrap or classic olive and nutmeg tones as in the Agloo Fox Nutmeg Shoulder Wrap. For a timeless addition to your wardrobe that will brighten up your outfit on an overcast day and add comfort and warmth, a shoulder wrap is an ideal choice.

You can choose to style your wrap either straight across the shoulders or around your neck for a more relaxed look, making it a versatile piece worth investing in to keep you warm and chic at the same time. Investing in a sophisticated shoulder wrap means you can easily avoid the weather dampening your style!