For a novel take on real fur scarves, Hockley’s belted fox, raccoon and opossum scarves add structure to an outfit by accentuating the waist for a flattering look. Their use of sumptuous real fur conveys refined style and adds texture and colour to outerwear looks, or can be used to complete a formalwear look.

Modern takes on the classic fur style include the Ivy scarves in pink and green, for vibrant and imaginative alternatives to the usual greys, taupes and mushrooms. Combine with a simple casual outfit to really make an impact.

For a timeless accessory that can easily be adapted for different events, looks or styles, the Merrill scarves are glamorous options with understated colours. With the focus on their stunning feathered fur, these scarves are easy to wear but are guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd with an elegant and sophisticated look.