Real Fur Trapper Hats

A trapper hat is a classic outerwear style that will never go out of fashion. For an even more timeless look, a trapper hat trimmed with real fur adds lavishness with opulent fox, raccoon, rabbit or beaver fur.

Hockley’s Fabiola trapper hats combine a fabric trapper hat with a thick fur trim available in a variety of colours, while the Pavo hats are covered in plush fur. Both styles offer a unique take on the classic outerwear accessory, with an added sense of luxury that is guaranteed to make an impact. If you really want to stand out, choose a Pavo hat in blue, pink, orange or green to make a bold fashion statement and create an individual look. Otherwise, the Fabiola hats are available in muted and classic tones of black, navy and brown, ideal for matching with a variety of outfits and styles.

Whatever colour you choose, a classic trapper hat in real fur makes an undeniably stylish outerwear accessory.