Take the sophistication and elegance of real fur, work it into the loose and casual lines of a jumper design, and you get a breathtakingly beautiful garment that will have as much of an impact on the street as it does in a ballroom.

Hockley's Vitalina real fur jumpers are a crowning example of what can be achieved with fur. Sumptuously soft fox fur is knitted to create a shimmering cascade of natural shades, texture and light; and then styled to create a cropped jumper that can be worn with confidence over everything from jeans to a ball gown. A stepped layer adds sculptural definition to the shoulders.

A combination of beautifully knitted fur and jersey detailing goes into the flowing lines of the Isidora Rex rabbit jumper. Choose from a variety of fox colours or go for blue, green or brown to make this garment as individual as you are.