• Cosmos Jacket

    Cosmos Jacket

  • Godetia Coat

    Godetia Coat

  • Lumex Gilet & Matilda Collar

    Lumex Gilet & Matilda Collar

  • Merrill Fox Scarf

    Merrill Fox Scarf

  • Belina Gilet

    Belina Gilet

  • Fara Jacket

    Fara Jacket

  • Caspia Jacket

    Caspia Jacket

  • Dahlia Oversize Reversible Gilet

    Dahlia Oversize Reversible Gilet

  • Rose Reversible Gilet

    Rose Reversible Gilet

  • Boronia Coat

    Boronia Coat

  • Ethel Reversible Poncho

    Ethel Reversible Poncho

  • Agatha Reversible Jacket

    Agatha Reversible Jacket

  • Phlox Gilet

    Phlox Gilet



  • Verena Short Parka

    Verena Short Parka

  • Diana Gilet

    Diana Gilet

  • Lucy Bolero

    Lucy Bolero

  • Valeria Jacket

    Valeria Jacket

  • Fina Gilet Parka

    Fina Gilet Parka

  • Heather Gilet

    Heather Gilet

  • Carnation Coat

    Carnation Coat

  • Pina Jacket

    Pina Jacket

  • Mella Coat

    Mella Coat

  • Celine Gilet

    Celine Gilet

  • Petunia Bolero

    Petunia Bolero

  • Agloo Raccoon Shoulder Wrap

    Agloo Raccoon Shoulder Wrap

  • Fabiola Raccoon Trapper Hat

    Fabiola Raccoon Trapper Hat

  • Rosalia Jacket

    Rosalia Jacket

  • Merrill Raccoon Scarf

    Merrill Raccoon Scarf

  • Thea Tibet Lamb and Rex Rabbit Coat

    Thea Tibet Lamb and Rex Rabbit Coat

  • Pega Rex Rabbit and Pearl Lamb Gilet

    Pega Rex Rabbit and Pearl Lamb Gilet

  • Thea Rex Rabbit and Pearl Lamb Coat

    Thea Rex Rabbit and Pearl Lamb Coat

  • Clare Hood

    Clare Hood

  • Nashira Snood

    Nashira Snood

  • Adela Gilet

    Adela Gilet

  • Delphina Jacket

    Delphina Jacket

  • Asella Short Mittens

    Asella Short Mittens

  • Emma Beanie

    Emma Beanie

  • Asella Long Mittens

    Asella Long Mittens

  • Iris Scarf

    Iris Scarf

  • Fabiola Fox Trapper Hat

    Fabiola Fox Trapper Hat

  • Agloo Beaver Shoulder Wrap

    Agloo Beaver Shoulder Wrap

  • Antares Scarf

    Antares Scarf

  • Agloo Raccoon Shoulder Wrap

    Agloo Raccoon Shoulder Wrap

  • Exter Headband

    Exter Headband

  • Icarus Earmuffs

    Icarus Earmuffs

  • Exter Headband

    Exter Headband


All pieces in the Seven collection are utterly timeless, and a worthy addition to a woman’s wardrobe. With an array of neutral shades of fur, there is a piece to compliment any woman’s skin tone. This entirely glamorous collection of real fur pieces consists of coats, gilets, scarves, snoods and much more.

For those cold wintery nights, a choice of the Godieta, Mella or the Boronia coat is perfect for fantastic comfort and warmth. Don’t compromise style for fashion this season, with Hockley’s Seven collection you can keep snug whilst looking stylish. If you are looking for those lighter items to add a hint of style and class to any outfit then the Nashira Snood, Asella Short Mittens or the Emma Beanie would all be gorgeous additions to any ensemble.

The Seven collection is bursting with statement pieces to bring elegance and class to your outfits this season! Browse and buy your perfect pieces online today.